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Regular Maintenance For Your Audi | Marshall Audi

At our dealerships in Ashford, Barnstaple, Bexley, Canterbury, Coulsdon, Exeter, Maidstone, Newbury, Oxford, Plymouth, South East London (Beckenham), Taunton, Tunbridge Wells & Wimbledon.

At Marshall Audi our experts are here to help you to maintain your Audi and keep it running in peak condition. Watch the videos below to learn more about what we check and why.

Regular Maintenance at Marshall Audi

Air conditioning service

To ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency, it is recommended that your air-conditioning system is serviced every two years.

Our Audi Trained Technicians will top-up the gas in the system as well as perform a detailed inspection of the air conditioning unit.

Between services an air-conditioning refresh is also available. This ultrasonic treatment disinfects any microbial, fungal and bacterial particles, so the air in your car is as pure as it should be.

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Audi tyres

The tyres on your Audi are vital for acceleration, steering and braking. They are also key factors in fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions. Even tyres with the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm take longer to stop than brand new ones.

To help maintain your safety, Audi Trained Technicians can check the tread depth, pressure, appearance and condition of your tyre as part of a complementary health check, available at any time.

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Audi cam belt change

Made from a rubber based compound that deteriorates with time, the cam belt is one of the hardest working components in your Audi. Therefore, it should be checked and replaced every five years or as per the mileage specified in your Audi service schedule – whichever comes first.

Cam belt replacement is a complex job, but by entrusting your car to our experts at Marshall Audi you can be confident that the work is being done by experienced Audi trained technicians.

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Audi brake fluid change

Because brake fluid is hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture over time. This then reduces the temperature at which the fluid boils. This could result in increased stopping distances, reduced braking efficiency and even brake failure.

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Audi tranmission fluid change

The transmission fluid in your Audi acts as both a lubricant and coolant to your transmission system. Wear and tear breaks down the viscosity of transmission fluid, making it less effective and potentially causing damage to other components.

To make sure your gear changes remain seamless, your transmission fluid should be changed according to your service schedule every 38,000 miles.

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Audi Gear Stick

Audi AdBlue

From September 2015, the majority of new diesel cars will feature an AdBlue injection system. This allows for cleaner, more efficient cars, lower Nitrogen Oxide and CO2 emissions and better fuel economy.

Manufacturers have developed a treatment system called ‘Selective Catalyst Reduction’ (SRC), which converts nitric oxide into less harmful nitrogen and water. AdBlue is a non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless and biodegradable reducing agent that makes this conversion possible.

You may be required to top up your Adblue tank between services. You can refill the tank yourself when alerted by your Driver Informations System, or take your car to an Audi Authorised Repairer.

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General diagnostic investigation

If you have a concern with your Audi our technicians will carry out an initial diagnostic investigation.

Our highly trained Audi technicians use our most advanced diagnostic equipment to carry out the initial investigation. We will then contact you to discuss the next steps which will either be a firm quotation for the repair, or for more complex issues, an estimate for additional diagnosis.

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Audi S tronic oil change

Your Audi's S Tronic transmission is engineered to give you seamless gear changes. To ensure the continuous smooth running of your transmission it is essential that the oil is changed no later than every 38,000 miles. Watch our video to find out more about what happens during an S tronic oil change.

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