Cambelt Change from £494

Cambelt Change and water pump replacement from £549

It’s a simple thing, a belt that’s made from rubber compound, but it does a very important job. It ensures that all the moving components, like pistons and valves, are synchronised and don’t make contact with one another.

However, all Timing Belts deteriorate over time, If it was to break, resulting in the valves and piston colliding, it could cause serious damage to your engine and cost several hundred pounds to rectify. In the worst-case scenario, it would require a complete engine replacement.

Your water pump is driven by the cambelt and provides circulation of the fluids which cool your engine. In some cases a water pump can seize, which can cause the cambelt to stop suddenly and break. For this reason, it makes sense to replace the water pump at the same time as the cambelt. Completing both jobs at the same time gives you total peace of mind and acts as a cost effective method.

Let us make sure this doesn’t happen, ask us about a Cambelt check, we only use Volkswagen genuine parts, which come with our Two Year Parts & Labour Warranty.

Plus, you’ll also get a Volkswagen stamp in your service book, which is always nice to have!