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Volkswagen Touareg Introducing the Volkswagen Touareg Starting From
Volkswagen Touareg

The Touareg

Go out and explore​

There’s plenty to look forward to

Feel the quality,
space and comfort.

Your 48-hour test drive is a perfect opportunity to experience the Touareg’s 4-zone air conditioning, which allows all your passengers to find their perfect temperature. It’s also a good excuse to treat yourself to a well-deserved massage courtesy of the heated driver’s seat. You’ll even have enough time to try out all 30 ambient lighting colours.

ground-breaking tech

A crystal clear 15-inch display; touch, gesture, and voice control; and no awkward dials or knobs. Touareg’s pioneering Innovision technology houses everything, from maps to infotainment, in one place. It’ll even display hazards caught by the infra-red night vision cameras on the screen. Couple that with IQ. LIGHT reactive headlights with LED matrix technology and there’s no reason why your 48-hour test drive can’t include a night-time adventure.​

Performance and handling
Your test drive
, your rules.

The Touareg’s air suspension features three settings, comfort, normal and sport, so you can easily tailor your test drive to suit the terrain and weather. It also can be raised to give you more clearance or lowered to make loading easier. With 48 hours to play with, why not go off-road? Dynamic all-wheel driving uses all four wheels for turning while 4MOTION powers each wheel independently, giving you effortless manoeuvrability and total traction. Then there’s the six distinct driving modes so you can conquer any terrain.​

Style, redefined

Clean contours, dynamic proportions and assertive confidence. The new Touareg is bold and beautiful.

Discover the beauty within

Each interior option has been carefully crafted to deliver total comfort for you and your passengers. The trim is coupled with the natural tones of “Vienna” leather. As an alternative, you can opt for the sumptuous two-tone “Savona” leather seats. As an extra decadent touch, ergoComfort seats can be added to provide supreme lumbar support.

Find a sportier edge
sportier profile

The R-Line gives the interior of your new Touareg a sportier feel, but doesn’t compromise on comfort. Decorative aluminium inserts immediately catch the eye while the heated leather multi-function steering wheel, bearing the R-Line logo, ensures warm hands for every journey. The sill panel trim around the car also bears the emblematic R-Line logo, which can be attractively illuminated by the optional ambience package. Both the pedals and footrest are created from stainless steel to compliment the clean, dynamic feel.

Panoramic sunroof
Blue skies

Fresh air, a clear view of the sky and a feeling of boundless freedom, all at the touch of a button. The new Touareg’s tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof stretches from front to back, giving you and your passengers an impressive feeling and space and light. Perfect for those days when you want to feel the wind in your hair.​

Space Concept
Room to

The new Touareg’s generous proportions give you the freedom to move. The boot combined with the sliding and foldable rear seat are particularly impressive: they use a 40:20:40 ratio that makes them hugely flexible. And for even more convenience, you can use the optional Easy Open package to open the boot with the touch of a button or even with a wave of your foot if you’re standing by the car and have the key with you.​

A supremely confident drive​​

Driving modes
Six distinct
 ways to drive

Don’t let the new Touareg’s exterior beauty fool you; at its heart lies a rugged all-terrain vehicle. Cutting-edge 4MOTION technology powers each wheel independently. This means you’ll get traction even if not all wheels are touching the ground. Six distinct driving modes control features such as accelerator sensitivity and gear changing, so you’ll never be left wanting when the going gets tough. Two further optional driving modes, “Gravel” and “Sand”, can be included to open up the map even further.​

Dynamic all-wheel steering

Cornering on country lanes and parking on city streets just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the new Touareg’s all-wheel steering. The rear wheels steer along with the front wheels. Not only does this give you a smaller turning circle, it also increases your driving stability, so you can drive more dynamically with increased agility.​

Air suspension
 on air

The new Touareg uses air suspension to give you quite literally the highest level of driving comfort: it adapts the height of the car to all terrains, and gives you the option of “COMFORT”, “NORMAL” OR “SPORT” driving profiles so you’re in complete control of your ride. The car can also be raised to give you 258 mm ground clearance, or lowered to make loading and unloading easier.

Active roll stabilisation
and agility

You may not expect a luxury SUV to deliver such sporty performance, but the new Touareg doesn’t disappoint. Electro-mechanical active roll stabilisation reacts more quickly and at lower speeds than conventional stabilisers, reducing lateral tilt and understeer. So you can drive with precision and agility, even on rough terrain.

Stay connected to what matters most​​

Innovision with touch, gesture, voice control
Simple and 

A pioneering first in a Volkswagen, the new Touareg is the only SUV in its class to present you with a gloriously clear 15-inch Innovision glass display. A richly colourful screen that merges seamlessly into your digital dashboard, it does away with buttons, knobs and dials, using just the power of your touch, gesture and voice to control your car. You can customise it just like a smartphone, and use it to see a wealth of information such as navigation and your apps.

eSim Card
On the road
and always online

The new Touareg has a permanent eSIM card, guaranteeing you access to internet based services. One of the benefits of this is that your car’s software is always up-to-date, so you’ll never need to visit a garage or perform a manual update yourself.

Cool. Calm.

Be better informed than ever before with Car-Net. Have the news you’re interested in read out to you while driving. Reach your destination relaxed following a route adapted to the current traffic situation. And save time when searching for a parking space, by being guided directly to a free spot in a car park at your destination. Thanks to Car-Net, you can check the current mileage, fuel tank volume and lock or unlock your new Touareg using your smartphone, even when you’re not in the car. And you can see whether you’ve left the light on or whether all windows are closed – perfect for peace of mind while you’re away from your car.


Bluetooth connectivity
stress free

New Touareg’s phone interface means you’re always reachable. At the touch of a button phone calls started outside the car can be transferred to the hands-free system via Bluetooth. With the ability to connect two phones at the same time, whether phoning home or talking business, the digital speech processer gives you crystal clarity. Plus, with the external aerial you’ll get reception no matter where your journeys take you.​

App connect
An app for

App Connect lets you use your compatible apps on the new Touareg’s large touchscreen, and your passengers can control it, too. Customise settings, discover highlights on your route and synch with your Apple and Android services.​


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Choosing a larger alloy wheels than standard may result in increased fuel consumption, higher CO2 emissions and subsequently the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and BIK rates paid for company car drivers. In some instances, the 'On the Road' cost paid for the vehicle may increase as a result of the increased VED rate. The configurator tool highlights any changes to CO2, VED or Price when selecting optional alloy wheels."

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