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Made and delivered net carbon neutral.

Discover the new all-electric ID.3 First Edition at Marshall Volkswagen.

The ID.3 marks the beginning of a new, dynamic era in the world of e-mobility. Electrifying performance meets ground-breaking design and practical range. For people looking for change. The future is ready and waiting. Get on board. The ID.3 boasts a smart, bold appearance that's sure to impress. That goes for drivers, passengers and passers-by.

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The ID.3. Says hello. Electrifies you. Brings you on.

Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, White, Front, Man getting in
Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, White, Areal, ID.Light
Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, White, Rear, Loading the Boot

Battery and range

Strong performance. Fast charging​


Super smart: the intelligent lighting concept​


The ID.3 says "hello". With light​


Volkswagen ID.3, Interior, ID.Light
Volkswagen ID.3, Interior, AR Head-up Display
Volkswagen ID.3, Interior, Panoramic Sunroof
Volkswagen ID.3, Interior, Voice Assistant

ID. Light
Super smart: the intelligent lighting concept

ID.Light communicates with you visually and makes it easier for you to navigate through traffic, together with the optional navigation system. It uses a light and flashing direction indicator to recommend you change lanes. It can also warn you and help you navigate your way out of the situation if you find yourself in the wrong lane. If you use voice control, a light signal will respond to your voice. When you leave your ID.3, the ID.Light says goodbye – with a smart light signal

AR Head-up display
Look to the future with ease. And the road.

The optional AR Head-up Display sends useful information straight into the windscreen's field of vision, making driving easier for you. For instance, it shows you where to turn or which lane you should take. The projection on the windscreen and what’s happening on the tarmac seem to become one. For extra driving comfort every single day. Not available on ID.3 1ST Edition.​

​Panoramic sunroof

See for yourself: the panoramic sunroof

With the vast glass panel that spans the entire width of the roof. Even more beautiful: the clear view of the sky. The tinted glass also ensures comfortable temperatures, even in strong sunshine.​

Voice assistant
Everything under control. At your command

Fumbling with buttons whilst you drive is a thing of the past. Keep your eyes on the road and control the radio, optional navigation system or your phone easily with intuitive voice control. Just say ‘Hello ID’ – and the system will understand you.


Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, Woman Getting out
Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, Being Plugged in

Battery and range
Strong performance. Fast charging

Travelling to work in the morning, dropping the kids off at school on the way and coming home at night – you should be able to take care of this with just one charge. Each of the three potential battery sizes for the ID.3 can handle this no problem.  You can choose between 45 kWh, 58 kWh or 77 kWh. And that’s not all: the medium battery can recharge a range of up to approx. 260 miles in 30 mins, in quick charge mode with DC (direct current) with 100 kW performance. And with the biggest battery (77 kWh, net), you can travel up to 340 miles on full charge.¹

Accelerated charging
Charging connector connected to the VW ID.3

The advantage of electric vehicles: You can charge your vehicle almost anywhere – at home using your home power, the optional wall box, parking spaces with charging stations, many Volkswagen partners and other car dealerships, and plenty of filling stations – and there are more and more options every single day. This makes for a brand new flexible aspect to charging. You can find more information on charging​


Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, White, Side
Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, Rear, Woman Standing by car
Volkswagen ID.3, Interior, Seat Upholstery
Volkswagen ID.3, Interior, Ambient Lighting

ID.3 says "hello". With light.

The ID.3 recognises you when you approach the vehicle with the key with the optional ‘Keyless Advanced’ locking and starting system. The stylish optional Matrix LED headlights light up briefly as if they were winking at you, making the ID.3 seem almost human. The ID.Light inside makes you feel welcome immediately. When you start, the vehicle makes a little sound to get you in the mood to get started. When you leave your ID.3, the ID.Light says goodbye with a light signal.​

As you can see: completely unseen. Less car. More ID.

Shaping the ID.3’s futuristic look: the optional front Matrix LED headlights, the redesigned Volkswagen logo and the additional lightline leading to the logo from the sides. Futuristic from front to back – in perfect form.​

So? How do you like the interior?

The brand new look continues seamlessly in the interior. Futuristic, comfortable and convenient. All thanks to inviting seats, plenty of legroom, a design dispensing with a centre tunnel and a large touch display, as well as the ID.Light and adaptable ambient lighting.

Ambient lighting
A clear choice: pleasant colours for a relaxed drive.

Add a little more personality to your ID.3. Choose from ten ambient lighting colours (or from 30 optional colours) to create pleasant lighting for your interior. Including the dash panel, mobile phone compartment (optional) and doors. Whether the lighting is cool or warm – it’s in your hands.​

Driver assistance​

Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, Areal Front, Headlights
Volkswagen ID.3, Interior, Head-Up Display
Volkswagen ID.3, Exterior, Rear 3/4, Driving

IQ.LIGHT. Light with IQ.
Front of the VW ID.3, a person passing by

The optional IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlights shine throughout the journey without dazzling others thanks to Dynamic Light Assist.^ Day or night, whatever the weather: the headlights adapt perfectly to the driving situation. And they look pretty good, too. Another stunning effect: When you approach your ID.3, it gives you a charming little wink with its Matrix headlights^^ that makes it seem almost human. And a little friendlier, too.​

Lane assist
Your ID.3 stays in its lane

On monotonous journeys, risky situations can arise. That's where the optional ‘Lane Assist’ system comes in: At speeds of 40 mph and over, it can detect whether the vehicle has unintentionally left its lane.* With corrective power steering, it can draw your attention back to what’s happening on the road.*​

Adaptive cruise control
Lots of traffic? No stress.

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control helps you to maintain your pre-set maximum speed¹, as well as a comfortable distance from the vehicle in front. So the ID.3 can make your life easier and automatically brake and start off again.²

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Terms & Conditions:

¹ Predicted range for going through cycles in accordance with the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) on chassis dynamometer (no series status). WLTP range values for standard vehicles may vary depending on equipment. In practice, the actual range varies depending on driving style, speed, use of convenience/auxiliary equipment, outside temperature, number of passengers/additional load, and topography. However, depending on usage profile, 80% of drivers can drive between 140 and 205 miles with the smaller battery version (45 kWh, net), between 186 and 260 miles with the medium battery version (58kWh, net) and between 240 and 340 miles with the biggest battery version (77kWh, net) without needing to recharge.
^ Within the system’s limitations
^^ In conjunction with the optional ‘Keyless Advanced’ keyless locking and starting system
* Within the system’s limitations. The driver must be ready at all times to override the assist system and is not released from their responsibility to drive the vehicle safely.
† up to maximum 130mph

††within the system's limitations​