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Volkswagen plug in-hybrid & all-electric range Introducing the Volkswagen plug in-hybrid & all-electric range Starting From
Volkswagen plug in-hybrid & all-electric range

Discover the Volkswagen plug-in hybrid and electric range at Marshall

Our future is electric. Discover our range of incredible plug-in hybrid and all-electric cars that feature everything you love about Volkswagen alongside innovative technologies that massively reduce your carbon footprint as you drive. 

Take a close look at our Volkswagen electric and hybrid range, whether it’s the fun and dynamic performance of the e Golf or the class-leading technology found in the ID.3 and ID.4, our electric cars have something for every driver to fall in love with.

Of course, the best way to experience electric driving is from behind the wheel. Book a no-obligation test drive today.

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From the outside, you may not initially notice a difference between the electric/hybrid Volkswagen models and their petrol-powered siblings. Volkswagen uses subtle flashes of blue to signify electric power, including the unique ‘C’ signature LED running lights, and in the case of the Golf GTE, the GTi’s famed red tartan seat fabrics are offered instead as a distinctive blue colourway. The Passat GTE flags up its electric-power credentials with a distinctive and stylish blue strip just above the signature full-width grille. Both the Golf GTE and Passat GTE are available in standard and Advance trim, the latter offering distinctive alloy wheels and other equipment upgrades.


Volkswagen’s decision to base its electric and hybrid vehicles on existing models means you’ll benefit from proven safety features and impressively high EuroNCAP ratings across the board. A model like the Passat GTE, for example, offers pedestrian monitoring and will even bring the car to a complete and safe halt in the event that the driver is incapacitated. While that’s the top of the Volkswagen electric/hybrid range, even the e-up! has impressive safety technology such as City Emergency braking.


Volkswagen offers two pure electric vehicles and two plug-in hybrids. Taking the electric-only models first, the e-up! Has a direct drive electric motor for zero-emissions driving at all times, with a range of 75-100 miles (depending on how much of its performance you exploit) making it ideal for city journeys and the average commute. The new e-Golf, due in 2018, will be more of a crossover between urban and intercity with a range of up to 186 miles and an impressive turn of speed.

If you need to travel faster or further on occasion, the two plug-in hybrids in the range offer the best options. The Golf GTE is unashamedly a performance Golf like the GTi or GTE, using the combined power of a 148bhp 1.4 TSI petrol engine and a 101bhp electric motor to deliver sub 8s 0-62mph times. The Passat GTE, being a bigger car, has a 154bhp 1.4 TSI and 114bhp electric motor for a combined power of 215bhp. The big advantage of both is that they’re plug-in hybrids; so you can charge up at home or the office and travel smoothly and silently for around 30 miles on electric power alone, saving money and the environment. Yet if you do need to tackle a longer journey there’s no range anxiety to combat – petrol power takes over and you can fill up in minutes wherever you are.

Electric models 

Volkswagen ID.3

The ID.3 is the first of our next generation electric cars, setting new benchmarks for performance, comfort and design. Welcome to the future of driving.

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Volkswagen ID.4 

The ID.4 1ST Edition is here.Dynamic, powerful and intelligent. Combining the flexibility of an SUV with the sustainability and driving experience you only get with electric.

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Volkswagen ID.4 GTX

The new ID.4 GTX offers sporty performance, all-electric drive combined with a high range. As dynamic as a GTI, as comfortable as an SUV and as sustainable as an ID.

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Volkswagen ID.5

The ID.5 is the first Volkswagen to combine sporty, elegant coupé design with the qualities of the ID. family: it offers a completely new sense of space, intuitive operation, is fully networked - and can be updated and upgraded "over-the-air". The high-quality coupé design clearly stands out from the appearance of conventional vehicles - and is unique in its segment. Discover all-electric driving in an inspiring shape.

Coming soon. Pricing and ordering to be announced 2022​.

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Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

Dual-motor all-wheel drive system, athletic coupé design and acceleration that will take your breath away: experience sporty electric performance in an ID. that seamlessly combines responsible driving and driving pleasure.

Pricing and ordering to be announced 2022.

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Pure electric concepts

Our pure electric concept cars are created to help define the future of electric mobility, setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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Explore plug-in hybrid range 

Volkswagens you know and love, now as plug-in hybrids.

Electrifying our drives is an important step along the path toward CO2-neutral mobility for everyone.

A plug-in hybrid enables purely electric driving over some distances thanks to the combination of the electric and petrol engine. For you, this means:

  • Greater performance, driving comfort and more fun when driving off thanks to electric assistance
  • Practical electric ranges for day-to-day use
  • Brake energy recuperation extends electric range between charges

  • Good reasons to choose a  plug-in hybrid

    More power with more driving pleasure

    A hybrid combines the best of both worlds. The Touareg R eHybrid is an uniquely dynamic opportunity when it combines the performance of both systems to deliver maximum system performance of 340 kW (462 bhp). This alone creates a breath-taking experience of power when driving off. In other words: twice the driving pleasure with electric boost.

    A hybrid takes you further

    A plug-in hybrid gives you confidence on longer journeys. With daily charging, you can drive average day-to-day distances purely electrically. Over long distances, the automatic adaptation of the drive systems optimises the range and efficiency.

    Together for more sustainability

    Electric mobility is a great leap forward on the path toward creating a smaller CO2 footprint. Through the efficient use of renewable energy, for example, and by reducing CO2 emissions on the road. That is why we offer innovative plug-in hybrids for the switch to electric mobility. These models enable CO2-free local driving in electric mode for the average day-to-day needs. Proving that everyone can make a contribution in their own way. 

    Intelligent charging concept, more flexibility 

    Start the day the fully electric way: with sport before work and then home for dinner without stopping to refuel. No problem with a plug-in hybrid. You can recharge its lithium-ion battery from the comfort of home using either a wall box charger or even a conventional electrical socket. This provides you with greater day-to-day flexibility.  

    Find the drive that suits you best​​

    Diverse efficiency: our plug-in hybrids.

    Discover the diversity of our vast range of hybrid models and enjoy the benefits of electro-mobility on a daily basis, without having to forego the performance of a petrol engine.

    Driving pleasure as standard: the Golf GTE.

    A powerful plug-in hybrid with an impressive short-term 180 kW (245 bhp) system performance for true driving pleasure.

    Efficient travel: the Tiguan eHybrid.

    A powerful plug-in hybrid which optimally balances the performance of the two motors to ensure outstanding efficiency on every journey thanks to the hybrid mode.

    Plug-in hybrid models

    Volkswagen e-up!

    The smart and stylish up! is a great urban vehicle and in electric-powered form makes even more sense. Zero tailpipe emissions, nimble and incredibly compact, with a fun personality and an impressive range. The e‑up! is the ultimate city car.

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    Volkswagen Golf GTE

    With its fusion of electric motor and TSI, it puts 150 kW (204 bhp) on the road

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    Volkswagen Golf 

    A plug-in hybrid with an electric motor and TSI petrol engine. That means you can drive with zero emissions in e-mode, or combine the combustion engine and electric motor in hybrid mode for maximum boost system power and efficient driving pleasure.

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    Volkswagen Passat & Passat GTE

    Where power meets economy: a plug-in hybrid for everyone who enjoys travelling, but also wants to lower their consumption.

    The estate provides you with plenty of space for business, family and sport, together with a comfortable electric range for forward-looking mobility.

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    Volkswagen Tiguan 

    Whether in locally CO2-free “electric mode” or in the powerful “hybrid mode”: intelligent hybrid technology together with digital assistants make driving this SUV a truly dynamic experience.

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    Volkswagen Touareg R​

    The dual drive power of the Touareg R eHybrid creates a uniquely varied driving experience with impressive performance.

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    Volkswagen Arteon

    With its plug-in hybrid drive system, this saloon-coupé combines efficiency and elegance in a class of its own: from the puristic design of its flowing silhouette to its exclusive interior.

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    Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake

    Experience the best of both worlds with a Shooting Brake, which intelligently combines practicality and luxurious comfort. 

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