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Reducing CO2 Emissions With Marshall Volkswagen

We are faced by the greatest challenge in our company’s history. It is perhaps the greatest challenge in the history of mobility: we are addressing our responsibility for our share of global carbon emissions. That is why we are committed to complying with the Paris Climate Agreement, with the goal of becoming a company with a net carbon-neutral2 balance by 2050. To achieve this, we will change things.


We will follow a new path.

And we want everyone to participate in this movement – by being able to choose from innovative drive systems. We want to give you options that will help you on your personal path to lower emissions. Only by doing this will we all reach our common goal.

That is our way to carbon neutrality. And it starts here.


The first Volkswagen delivered with a net carbon-neutral balance: The all-electricID.3

The all-electric ID.3 is the first Volkswagen ever that is not just produced with a carbon-neutral2 balance but which is also delivered to you with a carbon-neutral2 balance.

Manufacture and delivery of the ID.3 to the retailer is independently certified as net carbon neutral by TUV Nord. Net carbon neutrality is achieved through a combination of both emission reductio and off-setting unavoidable emissions. You can download the TUV Nord certificate here. This independent certification is audited and reconciled quarterly. It excludes use and life-cycle post-handover at the retailer.

For production, we rely on energy efficiency and the use of green electricity to avoid emissions wherever possible. In the meantime, the share of emissions during the manufacturing phase that are unavoidable in the short term will be successively reduced and offset through certified climate projects.

As the first climate protection project, we are supporting our partner Permian Global in the Kantigan Mentaya Project in protecting 149,800 hectares of Indonesian rain forest, which absorbs large quantities of CO2.

And after delivery? We are partnering with Octopus Energy so you can enjoy affordable, carbon neutral charging at home.

More about The ID.3


Very diverse: our powertrain technologies

The future of mobility should be as free of emissions as possible. And not just for some, but for all. On the way to achieving this, we need diverse powertrain technologies that offer more performance in combination with reduced consumption.

The electric powertrain technology of the all-electricID.3

A unique drive concept, a completely new driving feeling.

  • Carbon-neutral balance for production and delivery
  • Full torque for uncompromising driving pleasure right from the start
  • Generous space thanks to modular electric drive matrix (MEB)


A joint effort for greater climate protection

Every step counts on the way to carbon neutral mobility. That is why we are working on reducing emissions throughout the entire value chain and establishing new standards for both people and the environment.

Elli: Power when at home and on the move

Sustainable mobility starts with electric. Through our subsidiary Elli, we offer charging stations for ID.3 owners. In order to use your ID.3 with a carbon-neutral2 balance, you can sign up to a green energy plan. We are partnering with Octopus Energy so you can enjoy affordable charging at home.

Optimising our supply chain

We also want to drive forward the use of green electricity and recycled materials in the upstream supply chain – in view of the large number of components, suppliers and sub-suppliers, this is a very complex task to which we are devoting all our energy. For example, we have stipulated that our suppliers must use green electricity when producing the battery cells.
We see offsetting carbon emissions through certified climate protection projects as an immediate measure to compensate for unavoidable emissions and as a step on the path towards our goal of becoming a company with a carbon-neutral2 balance.

Green electricity for our plants

Vehicle production also consumes energy. We are working on reducing the carbon emissions of our plants all over the world even further. Our aim is to halve the carbon emissions of the plants by 2025 (compared with 2010). We will achieve this by making even greater use of green electricity in energy-efficient sites, for example. This will allow us to move ever closer towards our goal of becoming a company with a carbon-neutral2 balance.


Ready to make the switch?

Of course, the best way to experience an electric vehicle is from behind the wheel so please contact us today to book a test drive and find out more.

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Terms and conditions

1. Models shown may not reflect UK specification.

2. Carbon emissions will be avoided and reduced directly at Volkswagen where possible. Upstream suppliers are obliged correspondingly to avoid and reduce emissions. Carbon emissions that cannot be avoided and reduced at Volkswagen and by corresponding commitments in the supply chain will be offset to the equivalent amount in certified climate protection projects.

All prices listed are Manufacturer’s ‘On the road’ Recommended Retail Price. Volkswagen may change RRPs at any time (this includes where there are government changes in regulation and/or legislation). There may be a delay to any RRP displaying correctly on our materials. The vehicle specification shown on the website may vary as Volkswagen UK review the model range line up throughout the year. Please ensure that you clarify the exact vehicle specification and prices with your Volkswagen Retailer at point of order.

For fuel consumption and CO2 information for vehicles, view values in the price list or the configurator.

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