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Volkswagen Golf Estate 8 Introducing the Volkswagen Golf Estate 8 Starting From
Volkswagen Golf Estate 8

Volkswagen Golf Estate 8

More Golf than ever before. The new, digital Golf Estate. 

The Golf Estate is versatile and dynamic – just like you! Unmistakeably an Estate from the exterior, with all the digital freedom of a Golf on the inside – digital and flexible.

The Golf Estate has many highlights. Check out these three:

Luggage compartment & easy Open

Opens doors and new possibilities.   ​​

Travel assist

Keeps your car in its lane and others at a distance.​​

Innovision cockpit

More digital features. More functionality.


Luggage compartment & easy Open
Opens doors and new possibilities

Daily life is full of challenges: how often have you stood at the back of the car, child in one arm and bags in the other, without a hand free to open the boot? With the optional „Easy Open” function, all you have to do to open the luggage compartment lid is move your foot under the rear of the vehicle. Here you can expect a generous loading volume of up to 1,642 litres and a height-adjustable, flexible luggage compartment floor. The low loading edge also allows you to store your shopping easily. Afterwards, simply press the interior button and the boot lid shuts automatically.

Interior & space
Pretty progressive and completely practical

The Golf Estate pulls out all the stops to fulfil your needs both in terms of space and digital equipment. The Digital Cockpit instrument cluster displays all of your most important information on a 25.4 cm (10.25 inch) colour screen which comes as standard. Choose between the speed or mileage display, the navigation map or your favourite radio station. Keeping everything you need in sight is child’s play and take a look behind you: the interior’s moveable second bench seat and generous luggage compartment leave nothing to be desired.

Tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof
Enjoy the view

Generous dimensions for great views: the optional tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof extends across the roof in the front of the car. This not only provides an open view of what’s above, but also means that the interior appears more spacious. The tinted glass roof also reduces unwelcome glare. Would you like some fresh air to go with it? The sliding sunroof can be tilted forward or elegantly moved backward by touch.​​

Digital comfort

Innovational cockpit
Digital features for more functionality

When combined with the optional “Discover Pro” radio navigation system, the Digital Cockpit Pro can be upgraded to the Innovision Cockpit. This means that both displays, measuring 10 inches (25.4 cm), can be merged together. The resulting display landscape not only contains classic content such as the rev counter, speedometer and odometer, but also other useful data in an even clearer and more detailed display. You can even set up favourite functions on the home screen, just like you would on your smartphone.

Digital cockpit
Keeping the important things in sight

The Digital Cockpit instrument cluster shows you the content that’s important to you on a high-resolution, 25.4 cm (10.25 inch) colour display which comes as standard: select the classic content such as the rev counter, speedometer and odometer based on your preferences. You can view your assist systems on the display or a combination of the navigation map and media displays – all with the corresponding graphics and animations.

Keep your eyes on the road

Check important information at a glance whilst also keeping an eye on the road: this is the great advantage of the optional head-up display in your Golf Estate. The windscreen becomes a projection surface that can display your speed, messages from your driver assist systems or navigation instructions. The projection itself is clearly legible even when light is shining directly onto the windscreen and you can switch off the display at any time if you no longer need it.




Ease of use and touch operation
Everything under control. With just the touch of a finger

Type, swipe, touch – the classic function buttons have overwhelmingly given way to touch-sensitive surfaces in the Golf Estate. The optional touch multifunction steering wheel can be operated with a simple tap of the finger. In combination with the intelligent menu navigation, it offers you access to a multitude of functions.

You can also operate the optional Air Care Climatronic air conditioning system with allergy filters and three-zone temperature control simply and intuitively using buttons and the slider. This allows you to achieve a comfortable temperature in an instant – and not only in the front of the car. Thanks to additional controls in the back of the centre console, you can adapt the temperature in the rear seat area, too.

Voice control
Awaiting your command

With intuitive voice control, you can operate the radio, telephone, air conditioning system and navigation system in your Golf Estate using your voice. Voice input makes it possible to select the right channel, the appropriate entry in the address book or the phone number you're looking for and with the optional Online Voice Control from We Connect Plus, your Golf Estate is even better at understanding you. Select your favourite music online, for example, or intuitively control the destination input in the navigation system.


See the Golf Estate for yourself

Driver assistance systems

Car 2X
It can see what could be over the horizon

This hazard warning function comes as standard and supports the driver with useful information, including warnings about construction work or rescue vehicles. Car2X technology uses WiFi (pWLAN) to communicate this information.

The ACC adaptive cruise control with Car2X* technology aids the driver with a range of handy information and can actively intervene in the event of an emergency (within the limits of the system). Like at the end of a traffic jam, for instance. Permanent data exchange occurs via WiFi (pWLAN).

*Will be introduced at a later date.

Travel assist
Keeps your car in its lane and others at a distance

The optional Travel Assist function provides you with extremely useful assistance whilst driving your vehicle. It delivers a high level of driving comfort* at the touch of a button by supporting you in monotonous and tiring driving situations:

Particularly on motorways and busy highways, Travel Assist is able to keep your car in lane and maintain a certain speed, whilst simultaneously monitoring the distance from the traffic in front.

When combined with the dual clutch gearbox (DSG), this allows you to relax in stop-and-go traffic.

* Within the limits of the system. The driver must be prepared at all times to override the assistance systems and is in no way released from their responsibility to drive the vehicle carefully.

Adaptive cruise control ACC stop & go, with speed limiter
More distance. Improved safety

The Adaptive Cruise Control ACC stop & go with speed limiter helps you to keep to a set maximum speed* as well as maintain the distance to the vehicle ahead. In conjunction with an optional navigation system, the ACC can be expanded to include predictive cruise control and cornering assist. This helps you to avoid speeding as the system is able to adopt official speed limits.** What’s more, the system uses journey data from the navigation system to adapt the vehicle’s speed to corners, junctions (turns) and roundabouts.**

 *Up to 130 mph 

** Within the limits of the system.

Park assist incl. park distance control
Parking made easy

The Golf Estate is equipped with the optional Park Assist steering function including Park Distance Control, which is not only able to tell you whether a parking space is big enough as you drive past, it can also park there for you!* All you have to do is operate the clutch, accelerator and the brake. It does all the rest.

Sensors scan suitable parking spaces (up to max. 24 mph).

Parallel parking spaces have to be at least the length of the vehicle plus 80 cm for manoeuvring when driving into a space, and must have at least 25 cm behind and in front of the vehicle when driving out of a parking space.

There must be a minimum distance of 35 cm on each side of the vehicle when parking in a parking bay.

* Manoeuvre can be deactivated at any time

Side assist lane change system
A system for changing lanes

The Side Assist lane change system uses an LED light in the exterior mirror to indicate when other vehicles are in your blind spot or driving up to 50 meters behind you.* If you indicate to change lanes, the system calculates whether the position or speed of a nearby vehicle poses a danger, and draws your attention to it by flashing the warning lights in the exterior mirrors.

* Within the limits of the system. The driver must be prepared at all times to override the assist system and is in no way released from their responsibility to drive the vehicle with caution.

Lane assist
Keeps you on track

Monotonous journeys can also turn into dangerous situations. This is where the Lane Assist comes into its own: above a speed of 37 mph, it can detect when the vehicle has left its lane unintentionally.* Corrective power steering directs the driver's attention back to driving.*

* Within the limits of the system. The driver must be prepared at all times to override the assist system and is in no way released from their responsibility to drive the vehicle with caution.

Golf Alltrack

Dynamic. Even when it's off road

The black radiator grille of the Golf Alltrack, with its matt chrome strip and Alltrack lettering, signals its adventurous side at first glance. Black grained wheel housing extensions in combination with the Alltrack-specific 17-inch Ronda alloy wheels or optional 18-inch Mount Vernom alloy wheels underline the vehicle’s off-road ambitions through and through. The silver roof railing is integrated neatly into the elegant line of the roof and, along with the towing bracket, provides the freedom to transport everything you need for a real adventure.

Interior and space
The outdoor specialist. Indoors

For adventures that last a whole lot longer: the Golf Alltrack’s interior opens up a wealth of opportunities. The car’s sporty, robust look is underlined by its practical multifunction steering wheel in leather, comfortable seats with 7 Summits seat covers and logo, the striking stainless steel pedals and the high-quality Nature Cross Brushed decorative trim on the dash panel and doors. To make sure you don’t get lost when driving off the beaten track, you can also see the navigation system on the large 25.4 cm (10 inch) touch colour display in the Digital Cockpit.

Powertrain and four-wheel drive
Out with the every day. In with the four-wheel drive

The Golf Alltrack takes you where you need to go, even if it’s off the beaten track. The vehicle can overcome sandy, uneven and rough terrain with virtually no effort at all. The engine’s power is distributed to all four wheels as required, thanks to the 4MOTION all-wheel drive. This means that each wheel adapts to what’s beneath it within milliseconds, thus reliably reducing the probability of the wheels spinning and locking up. In this way, your vehicle can gain secure traction on virtually any surface.

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