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’School Work Experience Placement’: Harry Taylor at Marshall Volkswagen Oxford Kidlington.

What a delight and such a positive event it has been to have Harry Taylor (aged 15) at Marshall #Volkswagen #Oxford #Kidlington from Silverstone College School for his ’School Work Experience Placement’.

Harry reached out to us as long ago as February to request a placement with us during the height of the winter 2021 pandemic. We were determined to get this placement into place for him and Harry was brilliantly persistent and committed to make it happen too. Finally those restrictions eased…… and here he is!

All the Kidlington team have thoroughly enjoyed his company and his enthusiasm for the Volkswagen Brand and a future career in the motor industry.

Harry has spent time in all the departments this week ( he loves the sales department experience the most!). He got involved in every area of the business, he has worked in the Parts Department pre picking next day parts, received delivery parts, experienced a busy workshop control office, aftersales visits and customer service, and has also observed mechanical and technical work in progress in our workshop. He has spent business time with managers, also spending time learning about important administration and regulation.

Harry completes his experience today (Friday 9 July) before returning back to school. He has said today “ I have really enjoyed it, it’s a very busy place in a Volkswagen retailer”

We would like to thank Harry as he has been a pleasure to have here as part of our team! And we will miss him!

Always welcome back …..keep in touch! Well done Harry! #marshallmoments

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