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Get to know your Volkswagen

Helpful tips and tutorials to help you maintain and care for your Volkswagen

Whether you have just purchased a Volkswagen or have had one for many years, there are a number of videos available here to make the most of your car and enhance your experience as a Volkswagen driver.

How to disable the airbag​

Preparing your car when travelling with children

How to fit a child seat

How to use child locks

How to open the bonnet​

Check your AdBlue fluid​

How to check your washer fluid

How to check your coolant​

How to check your brake fluid​

How to check your oil

How to play music​

How to use your Satellite Navigation System

How to unlock your radio and find a station

Maps and More​

How to use Bluetooth​

Safety tips on changing or fixing a tyre

How to check your tyre pressure

How to check your wheel alignment

How to change a Spare Wheel

How to use a tyre mobility kit

How to adjust your headlights

How to check your lights

How to change your bulbs

How to check your daytime running lights

How to unlock your rear windows​

How to change your windscreen wipers