Constant Velocity (CV) Boot replacement

Why does my constant velocity boot need to be changed?

The constant velocity (CV) joint transmits gearbox speed evenly to the wheels. It needs to be well lubricated and protected by the CV boot which surrounds it, keeping lubricating grease in and moisture and dirt out. If the CV boot is worn or damaged, the CV joint will become noisy and less effective.

What happens if it's not changed?

If the boot is damaged, lubricating grease will be lost. Dirt and water will get into the joint and corrode the internal bearings. The CV joint could fall apart, which would make your car dangerous to drive. It's also an MOT test requirement that it is in good condition.

What we do

We check the CV boot is in good condition. If it needs replacing we access the CV joint and then refit a new CV boot, re-greasing the joint at the same time.

How often does it need to be checked?

At every service and MOT test.