Why does it need to be replaced?
An efficient exhaust system silences engine noise, cuts emissions and removes combustion by-products from the engine and vents them away from the vehicle.

However, exhaust systems degrade over time due to their operating condition and working environment. Water in the exhaust gases, coupled with road water, salt and dirt attack the metal and cause it to corrode, eventually leading to a leaking exhaust.

What happens if it's not replaced?

It can lead to excessive noise in the car as well as the possibility of exhaust fumes in the cabin. You could also be stopped by the police and issued with a fixed penalty notice or a vehicle defect rectification notice.

What we do

We'll check the operation of your exhaust system and ensure it's secured correctly and operating within the required limits. We'll also perform an emissions test during every MOT test.

How often does it need to be checked?
Every service and MOT test or if it's particularly noisy.