New Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro at Marshall Audi

Luxury, space and efficiency. Coming Spring 2020.

Step by step, Audi is putting its new electrified models on the road, and our new plug-in hybrid seven-seater has the technology to reduce your whole family’s carbon footprint.

The Q7 TFSI e quattro SUV features one of Audi’s most modern engines – the 3.0 TFSI V6 – and comes in two power levels – the Q7 60 TFSI e with 335kW, and the Q7 55 TFSI e with 280kW. Both are matched with an eight-speed tiptronic transmission.

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Its sporty appeal is reinforced by the standard S line exterior with a full paint finish in the body color and striking design details at the front and rear ends. The look is completed by the black styling package and the Matrix LED headlights. Red brake calipers are installed behind the 20-inch wheels and the adaptive air suspension provides a great range from taut handling to comfortable rolling.

Drivers can also use the ride profiles “comfort,” “efficiency,” “auto,” “dynamic,” “individual,” “allroad” (with the optional adaptive air suspension) and “offroad” to influence the setup of the drive, air spring suspension and steering.

Whether you are driving short or long distances, in the city, on country roads or the highway, the hybrid management system choses the optimum operating strategy for each journey automatically. It is designed so that drivers can cover a large section of their daily journeys on electric power.

The battery charge is spread intelligently along the route, with large electric portions in the city and in stop-and-go traffic. In most cases, the TFSI engine accelerates the vehicle and the electric motor provides support as needed.

The electric motor can generate alone can reach a speed of 83.9mph, or 155.3mph in cooperation with the combustion engine. In electric operation, both Q7 variants achieve the same range of up to 26.7 miles.

The Q7 TFSI e quattro can be charged conveniently at public charging terminals while on the road.On request, Audi’s own charging service, the e-tron Charging Service, provides access to more than 110,000 charging points in Europe.Customers can use a single card to charge at terminals from numerous different providers.

The myAudi app allows customers to use the services from the Audi connect portfolio on their smartphones. They can also check the battery and range status, start charging processes, program the charge timer and view the charge and consumption statistics.Charging stations are listed in both the app and the vehicle’s navigation system.

Another function of the myAudi app is the pre-entry climate control even before setting off. Owners can determine how the interior should be heated or cooled while the SUV is parked or the battery is being charged.Depending on the equipment, they can also activate the steering wheel and seat heating as well as the seat ventilation using the pre-entry climate control system, either via the myAudi app or a timer in the vehicle.

The interior of the Q7 60 TFSI e quattro features the interior S line/S line sport package.This includes sport seats with S line embossing, black headlining and aluminum inlays.When the doors are opened, LED lights in the door sills project the four rings onto the ground.Most equipment features are also available for the Q7 55 TFSI e quattro on request.

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