Dangerous drivers risk life sentence

A life sentence could be handed to drivers charged with death by dangerous driving if new laws proposed by British ministers are approved.

The law hands out a sentence of up to 14 years currently, but the change would make drivers who kill when speeding, street racing or using their phone, face tougher consequences in line with manslaughter offenders.

Drivers caught behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs could also be handed a life sentence.

In addition, it is proposed that serious injury caused by dangerous driving should result in up to a 3 year prison term.

1,713 people were killed in reported road accidents in Great Britain during 2015, with 22,137 seriously injured. Last year also saw 122 people sentenced for causing death by dangerous driving, with a further 21 convicted of causing death by careless driving.

Additionally, drivers who cause serious injury by dangerous driving could also face up to three years in prison.

The consultation will run until 1 February 2017 and Justice Minister, Sam Gyimah, is fully behind the proposed changes: “Killer drivers ruin lives. Their actions cause immeasurable pain to families, who must endure tragic, unnecessary losses.

While impossible to compensate for the death of a loved one, we are determined to make sure the punishment fits the crime. “My message is clear – if you drive dangerously and kill on our roads, you could face a life sentence.”