Marshall Motor Group’s CEO, Daksh Gupta, has won both Dealer’s Dealer of the Year and Outstanding Achievement of the Year at the Used Car Awards 2016. ​

In a double victory at the Used Car Awards 2016, Marshall Motor Group’s CEO Daksh Gupta was hailed as not only the Dealers’ Dealer of the Year, but the winner of the Outstanding Achievement of the Year Award as well.

Testament to his inspirational head for business, Daksh began his career by washing cars at the weekend to fund his university education; today, he is the Chief Executive of one of the UK’s largest motor groups, seeing its worth raise from £300m to £2.3bn since his appointment.

Reflecting his remarkable ethical values alongside his undisputed business acumen, Daksh completed a skydive for the charity ‘Ben’ just this year; jumping from a plane at 13,000 feet, Daksh raised over £150,000 for the automotive industry support network, reflecting the typical moral principles of both himself and the motor sector at large.

Speaking of his workforce at Marshall Motor Group, Daksh declared at the awards: “I’ve got such a fantastic team around me and I couldn’t do this without them. Really this award is for them and all of the fantastic work they’ve done this year.”

Described as having exceptional interpersonal skills and a natural trend-spotter, Daksh is commended by his colleagues as a leader who is consistently approachable; ready to lend a hand and offer sage advice, despite his immensely busy schedule, truly sets Daksh apart.

Driven by people, not profit, Daksh was also praised by industry peers for his handling of the Ridgeway Group acquisition, and the undeniable success therein.

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