Today’s motorist make technology priority

Technology is a decisive factor behind a motorist’s decision for choosing their next vehicle, research by has revealed.

Findings indicated that nearly four times as many new car buyers choose connectivity gadgets over safety updates in their next vehicle.

Gadgets such as satellite navigation, sound systems and Bluetooth capability are far more desirable than safety features like lane-keeping assistance and blindspot monitoring.

Of the technology features available, more than two-thirds of respondents selected Bluetooth connectivity, with a similar number choosing satellite navigation. iPod and MP3 connectivity were selected by just over half of those surveyed, followed closely by DAB radio.

Another vehicle extra in demand from motorists are comfort and style related features. Heated seats and alloy wheels were found to be a far more popular choice over safety features. Over 60% said heated seats are their priority, which was just higher than automatic air conditioning and leather trim (both 58%).

For those opting for safety features as a high priority, automated emergency braking (AEB) came out on top, but less than 20% of drivers opt for it. Despite far greater awareness of vehicle safety and the benefits of ABS, ESP and airbags, six in 10 new car buyers will upgrade without any safety features at all.