Article By Lisa Poolman

Your winter driving checklist

As the cold, frosty weather begins to kick in, we’ve pulled together a checklist to help keep you safe on the road this winter.

The wet and darker roads bring greater challenges to motorists, meaning you need to be more alert, as visibility is reduced and conditions become more demanding.

Firstly, ensure your car is ready for winter. Your vehicle must be in prime condition, more than ever around this time of year, particularly with items such as tyres, lights and battery. Consider having your local dealer provide a maintenance check on your vehicle to ensure there are no hidden issues that go undetected.

Dependent on how cold and icy conditions become, you may also want to consider alternative tyres for better grip during the winter season, or snow chains for those severe weather days.

Before your journey, pack an emergency kit. Breakdowns historically increase over the winter period so it’s best to drive prepared. Items such as extra clothing, your mobile, torch and details of your breakdown cover should be essentials for every trip.

Regardless of the checks and measures you take to prepare for driving this winter, please ensure you take extra caution on the roads and allow more time and preparation for each journey.