Don’t fall for this new ‘car tax refund’ scam

Motorists who receive a text message or email that appears to come from the DVLA, informing them that they are eligible for a tax refund, should be aware that this is a scam.

The fraudsters’ message says there has been a change in legislation, and that the motorist should click on a link which takes them to a website where they can log their relevant personal details.

The recent changes to car tax have certainly caused some confusion among the motoring public in general.However, a spokesperson for the DVLA confirmed: “We don’t send emails or text messages that ask you to confirm your personal details or payment information, such as for a vehicle tax refund.If you get anything like this, don’t open any links and delete the email or text immediately.”

And, urging motorists to remain vigilant, Pete Williams of the RAC said: “The cost of motoring is a big concern, so the offer of an unexpected tax rebate can sound very tempting.Always be wary of any request asking for personal information, and be alert to any offer that sounds too good to be true.”