Beat the industry’s new car stock shortages with Marshall Audi.

New rules governing the fuel tests that new cars must take before they can be sold in the UK are causing some disruption to manufacturers’ new vehicle delivery times.  Some customers who order brand new models direct from the factory are finding that production is delayed.​

At Marshall Audi, however, we have anticipated this temporary situation and have an extensive selection of brand new vehicles available in stock and ready for immediate delivery.  So you don’t have to wait for the car you really want!

The new tests are the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) and the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test. 

The WLTP measures exhaust emissions and fuel economy in controlled laboratory conditions.  It is a lot more complex, and simulates real world driving conditions in a different way.

The RDE will supplement the WLTP test by measuring vehicle exhaust emissions (such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and diesel particulates) on public roads, including rural, urban and motorway driving.  In future, this test will also be used to measure carbon dioxide emissions and fuel economy too.

The first vehicles to be tested in this way will start going on sale in September, and in some cases customers ordering certain models have been warned to expect a delay in production.

Marshall Audi customers can help overcome this potential disruption by avoiding factory orders altogether. 

We have a wide and varied selection of brand new, unregistered Audi cars within our group stock to choose from, and we can get you the car you want sooner.